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Adjunct Faculty & Associate Members



Current Institution

Dr. Gavin Andrews
(Associate Member)
andrews@mcmaster. ca Department of Health, Aging, & Society,
McMaster University
Dr. Howard Barker,
(Adjunct Faculty) Environment Canada,
Cloud Physics and Severe Weather Research Section (ARMP)
Dr. Tristan Carter
(Associate Member) Department of Anthropology,
McMaster University
Dr. Jing Chen
(Adjunct Faculty) Department of Geography & Program
in Planning
University of Toronto
Dr. Allan Crowe
(Adjunct Faculty) National Water Research Institute
Dr. Ian Droppo
(Adjunct Faculty) National Water Research Institute
Dr. Jim Dunn
(Associate Member) Department of Health, Aging, & Society,
McMaster University
Dr. Susan J. Elliott
(Adjuct Faculty) Geography and Environmental Management,
University of Waterloo
Dr. Dustin Garrick
(Associate Member) Engineering and Public Policy
Dr. Peter Kitchen
(Adjuct Member) Statistics Canada Research Data Centre
McMaster University
Dr. Tim Lotimer
(Adjunct Member) Tim Lotimer & Associates
Dr. Hanna Maoh
(Adjunct Faculty) Civil and Environmental Engineering,
University of Windsor
Stacey Mater, M.Sc.
(Adjunct Faculty) Dillon Consulting Limited
Dr. Dan McKenney
(Adjunct Faculty) NRC
Dr. Chris McLaughlin
(Adjunct Faculty) Global Center for Climate Change and Transboundary Water

Backloop Institute Inc

Dr. Nidhi Nagabhatla
(Adjunct Faculty) United Nations University (CRIS), Belgium
Dr. Matthias Peichl
(Adjunct Faculty) Forest Ecology & Management/Swedish Univ
Dr. Michael Pisaric
(Adjunct Faculty) Brock University
Dr.Manzoor Qadir
(Adjunct Faculty) United Nations University INWEH
Dr. Saiedeh Razavi
(Associate Member) Civil Engineering,
McMaster University
Dr. Ulrich Riller
(Adjunct Faculty) University of Hamburg
Dr. Dominique Rissolo
( Adjunct Faculty) Waitt Institute
Dr. Corine Schuster-Wallace, (Adjunct Faculty) Water, Health, Wellbeing
Dr. Amanjot Singh,
(Adjunct Faculty) Credit Valley Conservation Area
Dr. Vladimir Smakhtin
(Adjunct Faculty) United Nations University INWEH
Dr. Spencer Snowling
(Adjunct Faculty) Hydromantis Inc.
Dr. Matthias Sweet
(Adjunct Faculty) Ryerson University
Dr. Martin Taylor,
(Adjunct Faculty) Department of Geography,
University of Victoria
Dr. Ross Upshur
(Adjunct Faculty) Department of Family and Community Medicine,
University of Toronto
Dr. Olive Wahoush
(Associate Member) Nursing, McMaster University
Dr. Lesley A. Warren
(Adjunct Faculty) University of Toronto
Dr. Christopher Werner
(Adjunct Faculty) Shell E & P Co.
Dr. John Weaver
(Associate Member) Department of History,
McMaster University