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School of Earth, Environment & Society GIS Award Winners

ECCE logoAs part of an Esri Canada Centre of Excellence (ECCE), students who excel in GIS and excel in demonstrating the mission and vision of the aforementioned Centre can be nominated as the student of the year. This Centre is a special designation conferred upon a few leading university departments that challenge students to design and develop custom GIS applications built upon the ArcGIS platform. The Centers exemplify the leading edge in GIS education in which students engage with the entire ecosystem of Esri technology, not just the out-of-the box functionality of standard desktop GIS.

Esri Canada Center Of Excellence Student Of The Year

Name Year
Daniel Van Veghel 2022-23
Madinakhon Sulaymonova 2021-22
Raj Ubhi 2020-21
Sean Leipe 2019-20
Matthew Brown 2018-19
Anastassios Dardas 2017-18
Anastassios Dardas 2016-17
Karl Chastko 2015-16


Esri Development Center Student Of The Year

Name Year Project
Karl Chastko 2016-17 ECCE App Challenge participant, Story Map Challenge Winner
Spencer Elford 2015-16 Provenance tools for Isoforensics Investigations & ECCE App Challenge participant
Craig Allison 2014-15 Uncertainty tools for topographic region delineation & ECCE App Challenge participant
Matthew Adams 2013-14 Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) web mapping service
Matthew Adams 2012-13 Landuse regression tools
Michael Zablocki 2011-12 Terrain Analysis tools
Ron Dalumpines 2010-11 GPS Tools
Ron Dalumpines 2009-10 GPS Tools
Chris McGuire 2008-09 Mobile air pollution monitoring database creation and toolkit


Esri Canada Higher Education Scholarship In GIS Winners

Recipients receive funding, access to software, books and training. Awarded to the individual who excels in the core GIS courses offered in the School of Earth, Environment & Society

Name Degree Year
Audreana Rossi Honours Environmental Science 2023-24
Frank Wang Honours Health Science 2022-23
Olivia Maddigan Honours Geography & Environmental Science CO-OP 2021-22
Lysha Boudreau-Pirsich Honours Earth & Environmental Science CO-OP 2020-21
Sherry Chen Honours Biology & Environmental Science 2019-20
Nicole Langdon Honours Geography 2018-19
Sean Leipe Honours Earth & Environmental Science 2017-18
Spencer Elford Honours Earth & Environmental Science 2016-17
Iwona Widurska Honours Earth & Environmental Science 2015-16
Craig Allison Honours Geography & Environmental Science 2014-15
David Kynaston Honours Earth & Environmental Science 2013-14
Carlo Cilia Honours Earth Science 2012-13
Alexandra Milanetti Honours Environmental Science 2011-12
Alyssa Harder Honours Arts & Science 2010-11
Dave Pridham Honours History 2009-10


Esri Canada Young Scholar Award Winners

The Esri Canada Young Scholar competition is annual competition held across Canada to identify excellence in research using Esri’s GIS technology. It is a judged competition with 1 grand prize (a trip to the Annual User Conference in San Diego). There is special recognition given to the following categories: Ph. D., Master’s, Undergraduate, and College. The links below take you to the prize winning posters submitted to the competition. All students are members of our department except where noted.

Name Year Project
Christine Davidson  (Classics Department) (National Runner Up) 2020-21 Mapping Farmstead-Sanctuary Connectivity using Least Cost Path in an Ancient Landscape
Sean Leipe (National Runner Up) 2019-20 Evaluating vegetation change in a subarctic catchment through fusion of remotely sensed data
Nicole Langdon (National Runner Up and Undergraduate Winner) 2018-19 Urban Agriculture & Food Accessibility in McQuesten, Hamilton, ON
Anastassios Dardas (National Runner Up) 2017-18 Accessibility to Vital Services for Caregiver-Employees
Sean Leipe (Undergraduate Winner) 2016-17 Badland Susceptibility in Basilicata, Italy
Craig Allison (Undergraduate Winner) 2014-15 Delineating Topographic Regions in Italy


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