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Past Theses

Master Theses

Archived Master Theses


Student Thesis
Alyson Brown, MSc. Paleoenvironmental Analysis Of Namu Lake, British Columbia
Rebecca Lee, MSc. Landsystem Analysis of Three Outlet Glaciers, Southeast Iceland
Nicole Urbalonis, MA. Preterm Birth: Perspectives On Resource Access And Pregnancy Experience
Sydney Duggan, MSc. Hydrogeological Assessment At The Clarington Transformer Station Using A Conventional Well System With Recommendations To Establish An Advanced Groundwater Monitoring Station
Ben Didemus, MSc. Water Storage Dynamics In Peat-Filled Depressions Of Canadian Shield Rock Barrens: Implications For Primary Peat Formation
Darla Bennett, MSc. An investigation into the influence of microbes on the cycling of sulfur in a net neutral oxidation reservoir in Sudbury.
Jessica Rastelli, MSc. Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentration, Patterns And Quality At A Reclamied And Two Natrual Wetlands, Fort Mcmurray, Alberta
Kesia Ie, MSc. Oxygen Isotope Fractionation Between Hydroxyapatite (Hap)-Bound Carbonate And Water At Low Temperatures
Marc D’Alessandro, MSc. Development of Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves Using Local and Regional Scale Methods
Gabe Arcuri, MSc. Whole-rock PB Isotope Delineation of Archean and Paleoproterozoic Crustal Terranes in the Grenville Province and Adjacent Makkovik Province: Evidence for Juvenile Crustal Growth During the Paleoproterozoic
Haley Spennato, MSc. An Assessment of the Water Table Dynamics in a Constructed Wetland, Fort McMurray, Alberta
Cameron McCann, MSc. Utilizing low-level remote sensing to monitor peatland disturbance
Jung Lee, MSc. Biophysical and Economic Analysis of Black Spruce Regeneration in Eastern Canada Using Global Climate Model Productivity Outputs
Sadia Yawar, MSc. An analysis of commuting distance and its controlling factors in the greater toronto-hamilton area.
Brandon MacKinnon, MSc. Interacting Effects of Post-Wildfire Hydrophobicity and Vegetation Recovery in a Poor Fen Peatland
Stephanie Kimmerle, MSc. An Analysis of Soil Respiration in a Temperate Deciduous Forest Ecosystem
Katelynn Daly, MSc. An Analysis of Soil Respiration in a Temperate Deciduous Forest Ecosystem
Felix Chan , MSc. Carbon, water, and energy dynamics of a pine forest during the first decade since plantation on a former cropland

Ph.D. Theses

Archived Ph.D. Theses


Student Thesis
Li He Methodological considerations on the spatial and temporal analysis of violent crime patterns and the identification of social and environmental correlates of crime
Nancy La Monica, Surviving or Thriving in Academia: Autoethnographic Accounts of Non-Visibly Disabled Grads’ Experiences of Inclusion and Exclusion
Sally Radisic Factors Influencing Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Adoption by “At Risk” Populations in the City of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Boadi Agyekum Exploring the sense of place and mental well-being of visible minority immigrants
Sarah Beatty Embracing complexity in hydrologic systems: towards a better understanding of dynamic soil water repellency.


Student Thesis
Robert Hendricks Timing Of The Emplacement Of Ancient Coastal Deposits Of Georgia Determined By Optically Stimulated Luminescence And Electron Spin Resonance Optical Dating
Max Lukenbach Hydrogeological and Ecohydrological Controls on Peatland Resilience to Wildfire
Chris Higgins A Value Planning Framework for Predicting and Recapturing the Value of Rapid Transit Infrastructure
Matthew Adams Advancing the Use of Mobile Monitoring Data for Air Pollution Modelling
Scott Bennet Safer walking routes to school: Applied and methodological geographies of child pedestrian injury
Heather McLeod Investigating trapped gas processes in natural and hydrocarbon-contaminated groundwater
Chris Drudge Microbe-Contaminant Linkages in the Upper Waters of Lakes
Shawn Collins Sedimentation Processes In Anchialine Caves Of The Yucatan Peninsula – The Role Of Karst Topography And Vegetation
Kurt Kornelson Downscaling of Satellite Observations to Facilitate High Resolution Hydrological Modelling


Student Thesis
Rebecca Moumblow Nd isotope mapping of crustal boundaries within the eastern Grenville and Makkovik Provinces, southern Labrador
Sarah Dickin Assessing vulnerability to water-associated disease: an ecosystem approach
Jessica Slomka Architectural element analysis of glaciated terrains
Suo Huang Assessing nitrogen controls on terrestrial carbon, water and energy fluxes and pools at multi-scales using the CLASS-CTEMN+ mode
Ron Dalumpines Gis-Based Episode Recontstruction Using Gps Data For Activity Analysis And Route Choice Modelling